Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally, Together Again

We've made it! We're here in Washington state with my sister and her family after five long years. The kids and I had a great trip out from Rhode Island (the trip didn't take five years - it's been five years since I've seen my sister). It was the first time flying for all of us. Our first flight was a little tense for my son and I (we were definitely white-knuckling it on the ascent), while my daughter looked out the window the entire time. We did some great people-watching in the airports and the kids have been documenting their trip with their cameras.

Of course, we do miss being home. My hubby stayed behind to take care of the house and the dog. Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. I am so blessed. He is such a wonderful, sweet man.

All of the cousins are getting along wonderfully. It's kind of creepy how much alike they are personality-wise. And the kids are kind of creeped out by how much my sister and I look alike - even a lot of our expressions and mannerisms are similar. And my brother-in-law is so generous to open his home to us for an entire week. He's also been spending a lot of time with all of us. It's a weird feeling - all of us being together. It's like there was never any expanse of time between us, except for the fact that the kids are all SO BIG now.

I'm sure I'll have some great pics to post when we get home.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary!!

    We are so loving having you here...we only wish Peter could be here also!