Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy as a . . . . .

Today was one of those days. The kind that just blur right before your eyes. It started out slowly enough. I didn't want to get out from under my nice cozy comforter this morning but my craving for my coffee got me up and going. We're heading into a deep freeze and I wish I had gotten some slippers (no carpeting in my house!).

I was headed off to work when I came upon a huge accident on our main roadway. A car lost control and flipped over several times - no serious injuries, thank God! So I had to make a major detour so as to not get hung up for any length of time.

After work, I had to make it home to grab a quick bite and then bring my son to his doctor's appointment. Stopped off at Dunkin Donuts, on the way, for a coffee and Boston creme doughnut. Sat in the waiting room for my boy while he had a procedure done on his toe (I'm very squeamish so I supported him from afar). Went home and washed a sink full of dishes and then called my sis in Washington state for a nice catch-up chat. Had to end our call to make it to church for Monday night Ladies' Prayer meeting. Had about 30 sec. for a quick kiss "Hi" "Bye" to the hubby.

Came home from church and picked out my outfit for work tomorrow.

It's already bedtime.

Hope tomorrow is a little bit slower.

Good night!


  1. Hi slippers? Sounds like you need to treat yourself and go pick up a pair...I got a Vera Wang pair on CLEARANCE for $3 at Kohls...I was eying them when they were $16,,,good thing I waited. They kinda look like ballet slippers but they're fuzzy...I LOVE them!

    Kailei had an Algebra exam today...we watched a recorded lesson review online before she took the test...she got an 83, only 1 out of 6 wrong..and then she got 6 points for extra credit so that was great. All my babbling on about extra credit and she finally went with it. Who doesn't want EXTRA CREDIT? LOL

    I hope Geoffrey's toe is better.


  2. Goodness, Liane, it sounds like your plate is overflowing. I hope you have been able to catch your breath and your son's toe is feeling better.

    Thanks for the kind words about my sewing projects. I love to sew and could literally spend days working with out coming up for air.

    I watched the big front as it approaced your area over the weekend. I was hoping you would get the snow fall you were looking forward to. Did you guys get snow or was it just ice....yikes!


  3. Oh, the days go by WAY too fast around here too. This week has been pretty good (so far -- cross my fingers) but the next two are full of commitments and appointments. Sigh.


  4. You had better have some slippers by now! What am I talking about? It's -20° and I'm wearing flip-flops wondering why my feet are cold. Nuts, I am.

    Enjoy your weekend...sounds as if you could use some down time and stay warm!