Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meadow Farm Getaway

Over the Easter weekend, I whisked my daughter Lacey away to a bed and breakfast. I wanted to celebrate her turning 16 in a special way, so I gave her a couple of months to choose any place in New England, within a decent driving distance.

We chose the Meadow Farm Bed and Breakfast in Northwood, New Hampshire. The house was built in 1770, and we fell in love with the Weaving Room. (check out their website)

Here is the stairway up to our room:

The inn was more than we expected. The owners, Doug and Janet, were very warm and welcoming to us. We were the only guests in the inn, and since we both love old-fashioned items and antiques, we were very happy with our accommodations. Northwood contains a portion of a 20-mile stretch of highway known as Antique Alley. There are 15 antique stores located along this route and Lacey and I were exhausted after poking around in 6 of them. Lacey found a nice antique camera (she collects them) and I found her an antique tripod.

This is the dining area where we enjoyed a breakfast of poached pears with berries, blueberry pancakes, bacon, and of course coffee and juice:

We had a lot of fun spending some quality mom & daughter time together. Since we didn't have a TV in our room, we spent the afternoon playing games like Hangman and we played Checkers using the quilt pattern on the bed (I was 'pennies', she was 'silver' and kings were 'quarters').

It was a memorable trip for both of us and I would certainly go back to Meadow Farm again.


  1. That is awesome! I will for sure hop over and check out their website....LOVE that huge wooden dough bowl on the table. That's right down my alley...THANKS for sharing and giving us a peek!

  2. What a cool mom you are! I want my mom to do this for me on my next birthday. I really do!!

    When Robin gets back East, you two will have to go there for a visit. She'd love that place!

  3. What an amazing trip and what a great idea! I would love to do something like this for Michaela when she turns 16. I'm sure you made memories you'll never forget!