Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, & Truffles: Oh My!

Thank goodness for stretchy pants! I have been overindulging in lots of birthday treats these past couple of days . . . a four-layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from my co-workers, a five-flavor sampling of cheesecake that I shared with my family, and my wonderful friend, Miss Nancy, surprised me with a box of Russell Stover truffles today (God Bless that woman!!). But as my sis Robin said, "40 is the new 20!" - others said 40 is the new 30 but I like Rob's quote better. So that means I have plenty of time to work off these "__" pounds of birthday joy.

I want to thank, also, each and every one who was kind and thoughtful to wish me Happy Birthday - I receive those blessings with appreciation.

My mother surprised me with a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers at work on Friday. It is full of daylillies, liatris, yarrow, canterbury bells, snapdragons, etc. My home smells like spring, even though the weather here in the Northeast hasn't been cooperating. Thanks, Mom!!

My husband and I went to dinner at Applebees and had a really delicious meal. I had a sampler of appetizers such as spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips and boneless honey BBQ chicken. Peter had the halibut. Now, I have never, ever, liked seafood. Not to smell (ugh!!) and certainly not to eat. But, knowing that it's supposed to very healthy, I keep trying it when we go out to eat now and again. I only try it at restaurants because that's the only time poor Peter ever gets to eat it because I do not allow seafood in the house. (Sometimes he'll get some fish and chips for take-out and obediently eats it on the porch. I know, poor fella.) So anyway, I tried a nice-sized piece of halibut Friday night. Okay, at least this time I didn't spit it out into my napkin. But, alas, it is not a flavor that agrees with my taste buds. Maybe I'll be able to appreciate the health benefits of seafood when I'm elderly and have lost my senses of taste and smell.

I'm officially on vacation until next Sunday and am tackling painting both of the kids' rooms. Geoff and I have finished one coat in his room and in a few hours will put on the second, and tomorrow I'll paint the trim. Lacey's room is considerably larger and will take a couple of days, but it's much more enjoyable to do now that they're older (and taller!!). I plan on sleeping past seven every morning, taking my daughter driving (she has her permit), and getting over to my sister Mandy's one day to visit my little niece, Autumn.

That's the general outline of the upcoming week, we'll see how things turn out. I hope you all have a blessed and prosperous week as well, and thanks again for your kind words!!

Take care


  1. Happy vacation to you!
    Rush got his spacers put in on Friday..and tomorrow he is going to get his braces put on. He's been in a lot of pain all weekend and has only eaten ramen noodles...poor thing. Kai only has a few more visits until hers come off.

    Tell Peter I said Happy Father's Day!

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. I'm not too sure about the vacation... ;D

    The seafood thing...I eat seafood at restaurants, too, because I can't stand the smell of it in my home. What's up with us?! We are a shame to all that is New England. Ha!