Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have finally started using my new digital camera that my kids gave me for my birthday. The first pic that I took that I like is of my wonderful hubby, Peter:And what does he say about it? "Nice obituary picture." Now, he's not sick or anything, he just likes to be prepared. I keep threatening that I'll use the picture from elementary school that his mom has where the photographer took a picture of him with a runny nose!! (I can't believe she paid for those!!)

Moving on, I've been growing my hair out the past year or so. My hair used to be pretty short and I decided to see how long it will go before, in my utter frustration and experience of more than two bad hair days in a row, I will hack it off again. It's just long enough for me to gather it in a small pony tail - here's the face-view:
And today I actually wore my hair with barretts. Well, it's been raining and yucky and it's not quite long enough to tuck behind my ears where I look remotely attractive. And I do work with the public. I asked by daughter, "Am I too old to wear barretts?":
Just so you know, I most always show my teeth when I smile. I wore braces for EIGHT years, so everyone's gonna see my pretty teeth.

And finally, here's a pic with me and my adorable Abby. She had another seizure yesterday. It's the 3rd one since February, but we're holding off putting her on meds until it's absolutely necessary. She is the most lovable pooch!! I hope that someday she'll meet her cousin, Sadie (my sis Robin's dog).
Next post I'll share the fun and adventures Lacey and I have experienced at the county fair . . . .

Have a blessed day!



  1. You're cute as a button!

    Sorry to read that your dog is having seizures. Hope that it resolves. (My parents' poodle has seizures and is on meds for them, but still can have one. I find them quite unsettling.)

  2. Peter cracks me up....I found the pic of when the two of you went to's on my desk.

    You look so cute with your hair up!It's so nice to see PHOTOS....:)
    Abigail is such a cutie, I'm sorry to hear about her seizures, poor Baby. I hope you get that figured out soon....Sadie sends her a (((Hug))).

    Caitlin just got here, she's spending the night...and its starting to get HOT.