Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And now, introducing..........Beatrix!

As mentioned in earlier posts, this past year has been pretty hard on our family because we lost two cats to heart disease and our dog to epilepsy. Our home hasn't been pet-free in more than 15 years. Even though we are a family of four, the house just isn't the same without a four-legged furry around.

So, this week, my daughter Lacey and I went to our town's animal shelter to see some cats. Our animal shelter is a brand new facility that was just opened last summer. We walked into the feline room and were greeted by many different cats in their cages. A lot of them were all black. Some were sitting up at attention as if to say, "Oh! Look here!". Some lazily opened one eye to check us out.....and some didn't even stir from their slumber.

We went from cage to cage looking at their ages, boy or girl, health issues, etc. Finally, near the end, down near the bottom was this fluffy, portly little thing rubbing her cheeks against the cage door. We scratched the top of her head and talked to her - she was just adorable. Lace and I took just a moment to look at each other and when we looked back at "Pogo" (her name tag) she had her front paws sticking out the cage door to us. We told the volunteer in charge that we were interested in "Pogo" and we were soon spending time with her in the 'acclimation room'.
Well, it was love at first sight for all of us and we brought this sweet "little" thing home.

Now, she's not crazy about having her picture taken. I'm trying to get some shots of her so that you can see how tubby she is, but she's not yet cooperative. She's huge!! She has the sweetest disposition. She is an indoor-only cat and hardly meows. She's adorable and she knows it! She loves to play and is surprising agile (for a cat with such a figure.......).

She seems to like her new name, Beatrix, better than "Pogo", which is surprising since she's 8 years old. We're all enjoying having a pet again and it's nice to see Beatrix settle in with us so quickly.

I'm on vacation this week (yay!) so I am hoping to spend some time visiting my blog friends.

I wish you all a blessed weekend!



  1. What a lovely regal name for your new mackeral kitty. She's very pretty. Will she be dieting?

  2. Awwww...she is soooo pretty. I am glad you got another furry critter. Jay keeps saying that after our four are gone there will be no more...not so sure about that. I think I will always have a cat..or two.

    I am so glad she is settling in...what a great addition to your family. (We are keeping little Flynn indoors too from now on).


  3. Vee,
    Lace picked her name because she loves Beatrix Potter. I told her "Porkchop" would even be cute.....She looks as though she's been on a Doritos & Pepsi diet....I do wonder if Jenny Craig has a feline program! It would be great if she could slim down because at her current size, she can't fit in through the cat door to Lace's bedroom!

  4. How lovely for Pogo and for you that you met and she joined your family. Losing a pet, or 3 in your case, breaks your heart. Our boy cat died in February and we miss him. We have a girl kitty, thank goodness.