Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Reflections...

After work this afternoon, I took my little beagle, Hank, out for some play time. Although the weather here in the Northeast has been very muggy and humid this summer, I thoroughly enjoyed the warm breezes today.

I found a nice, cozy spot under the trees and watched them dance for me.

As I lay there, I thought of all of the wonderful ways that God's creation speaks to us. The trees were whispering in the breeze and I could hear the crickets chirping (a sure sign that it's August). Some geese went honking overhead, in the direction of west, in the bright blue sky full of tall, puffy white clouds.

This afternoon reminded me of when I was a child and me and my siblings spent most of every day outside. We would take a blanket, some books and maybe a couple of toys and just enjoy the summer. I need to do that again.

I want to savor these last few weeks of summer. Drink lemonade. Go to a fair. Eat ice cream. Read a book outside. Go to a farmer's market while the cukes, squash and tomatoes are in abundance. And take more dips in the pool.........

Ahhh, it's waiting for me!!

Happy Summering!




  1. Is it supposed to be as fantastic there as here over the weekend before the next big heatwave? Enjoy it! Love that look up to the sky through the tree canopy.

  2. enjoy your warm summer days. it is
    much too hot for us in the south to
    do that, but we do not have the long
    cold winters to dread.

    i loved your sweet homage to the
    creation of the Lord. we can certainly
    enjoy that wherever we are!

  3. I am holding on to these last few weeks too Lee....this has been a great summer. We are going to a local zoo this weekend and then Jay and Kai are getting ready to go to Colorado. Rush and I will stay home and probably go the movies and stuff.

    I am not even thinking about back to school yet...nope, not yet.

    We are coming home for Andrew's wedding next year. :)
    Love you.