Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hometown Parade

We live in a small suburban town. It's almost two towns in one because we are very close to the Connecticut border. One of our biggest community events is the Columbus Day Parade. Our town has a very large and strong Italian heritage. Therefore, for the past 61 years, we have held the annual Columbus Day Parade. It's quite large. About 10 divisions long. We have strong community participation from local businesses such as the banks, stores, radio station personalities, the local newspaper, the hospital, etc. As well each school in the disctrict, the churches, and this being an election year, town representatives and elective hopefuls. There are also many veterans who participate, although there numbers dwindle each year. The number of fire trucks is impressive for this small community. And I LOVE the sound of a high school marching band (I'm partial to the drumming - how can you NOT feel peppy?!)

My family and I have marched in the parade this and the past three years with our church. Thousands of people line the parade route, which is maybe five miles long, and twists and winds through the communities. It's so much fun to march along with my family through the town I have grown up and work in, as do now my children, too. (I'm sure that's not proper English). We marched with my church family and we passed out small Italian flags to parade on-lookers. When we've reached the end of the parade route, we're hot, tired, thirsty and starving, but how often do you get to be in a parade?

My legs will be cramping up on me tonight for sure, and my arms will be sore tomorrow from carrying a banner. . . .. . . But boy, was it fun!!

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  1. You know...the kids were asking if they had today off because of Columbus Day and Jay said NO but they'd prolly have it off if they lived back there in W. LOL