Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Little Teeny House

This is my little house. I fondly refer to it as a shoebox. It is much larger on the inside than you'd think. It was built during World War II with salvaged materials, I believe. We have a beam in the cellar that looks like it came from the porch of another house. Previous to the war, it was just a shack that was used to sell produce. The property was a farm dating back to the early 1800's. When we first looked at the property, it had been vacant for a few years and the grass in the backyard was waist-high. We saw visions, though, of swing sets and birthday parties. Actually, my husband saw the 3-bay garage and that was enough for him. We made an agreement - he gets the garage and I get the house. It's worked for 19 years so far.

This is a part of our back yard. It is now know as "Abby's Yard", but at one time it was a go-kart track, and there used to be a large garden in the center. Right now I have a small grape arbor there and we have our wood pile in the back.

We spent Sunday afternoon stacking a cord of wood, getting ready for the cold weather. We just love our little house. I believe it has been important in keeping us close as a family. We have been so blessed and thankful that God has given us everything that we've needed. Once I do some organizing and hopefully decorating, I'll put up some pics of the inside. (not the kids rooms, of course!)


  1. That picture makes your house look much smaller than it really is!! My kids love your house...they talk about it often...
    I hope you have a great time at Autumn's Birthday Party tomorrow!!

  2. I love your little house, but I bet it is bigger than it looks. My house is big but old and the space is choppy, so not as much room really as one would think.

    How neat to chop wood. Do you have a fire place or wood stove. I really would love to have a wood stove. Maybe one day. :)