Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jack is Back

Brrrrrr! Woke up this morning to 22 degrees and a little clue that we had a visitor early this morning. . . .. .
Yup, Jack Frost is back in town. I had a feeling. . . the crisp, cool air I felt on my face when I awoke, though the rest of me was cozy under my woolen blankets and comforter. And in spite of the bright sunshine, the grass and flowers, including my creeping phlox (above), showed that Jack left some of his sparkle behind. We've had unseasonably warm temperatures these past couple of weeks, but now most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the air is nice and cool.

No worries, though. We have a 'little giant'. It's our Jotul woodstove. It's tiny, but boy is it mighty! It keeps our little house nice and warm, especially on cool, rainy days. It's usually surrounded by the cats and dog, who just lounge by it all the day long. It's very useful when it's wet and snowy for drying out wet boots and mittens. And my husband has been know to cook hot dogs and potatoes in it. (just because).

Burning wood is much cheaper than oil, gas, and electricity and we have no worries in case we lose the power. We all share in the chores associated with having the wood stove, including cutting, stacking and keeping the wood and kindling boxes full.

Also, today I want to wish my little niece Autumn a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is a whole digit today! She is absolutely delightful and we love her very, very much. She had her first birthday party on Saturday and my favorite time of the day was holding her and rocking her and just enjoying being with her. She is truly precious.

It's off to make a French toast breakfast for my kids. I have a reversal day today, working in the afternoon instead of the morning - a nice change for me.

Have a blessed day, everyone!


  1. Nice change for us as well, because we got to eat some totally boss french toast. Mmm delicious.

  2. It has been freezing here lately too...or at least I have been. I don't think our lil gas fireplace can compete with your wood stove!

    Love the photo!
    Hugs to everyone!

  3. Hey Lee...popping in to see how you are doing!