Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just a Little More. . . . . .

Well, it's late in the evening, the kids have just gotten home from karate and Peter is scouting the kitchen for a last-minute sweet snack before turning in. I thought I'd share a few more pictures of our Christmas decorations.

The kids set up our tree. I mentioned to Peter that our tree seems so small next to the kids. Geoff is actually taller (he's getting really close to 6'!). We noticed that the middle section of our pre-lit tree isn't working so I added a strand of colored lights. And, you'll notice that we do not currently have anything for the topper. That's because Lacey does not like the star I bought last year, and forbade anyone from putting it on the tree. She insists on buying one herself:
We have the tree in the corner of our dining room where our beloved Abby usually lies on her flannel piece of blanket. She was a little sore that the tree took her spot, so she occasionally steals the skirt from under the tree.

These are our stocking hung from a piece of jute next to our door:

They are hung in the following order: Abby (dog); Peter; Me; Geoff; Lace; and Simba & Misty (the cats).

As you can see, I like things to be simplistic and basic. I love the look of things old-fashioned and rustic. My daughter took some pictures of our kitchen and dining room that I'll post later on - her camera is so much nicer than mine - it's a struggle for me to get my pictures to come in focused!!

I don't usually seasonally decorate my home for the simple fact that I'm just lazy. Although I am very inspired by the wonderful homes that I've visited through your blogs. You all have given me wonderful ideas, it's just the implementation of those ideas that is the problem. I think I've already found my New Year's resolution . . . . . . .

It's time for me to turn in. Sweet Dreams everyone!



  1. Hi Lee!! Love the tree...and is that a Starbucks ornament I see on there? I wonder who that belongs to? LOL
    I think we may get snow this least thats what I thought I heard...

    Kisses for everyone.

  2. Hi, Liane. I love the decorations! Did you cross stitch Geoffrey and Lacey's stockings? They are lovely.

    I noticed the starbucks ornament too... I thought it might have come from Robin the Starbucks Queen, LOL:)