Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Please Pray for Nancy

My dear friend Nancy, lost her beloved sister, Angie, last night. The ravages of Alzieihmer's took Angie from this world but the Lord welcomed her into Heaven. Nancy is 87 years old and has faithfully cared for Angie for the past two years. Nancy visited Angie every single day, twice per day, to feed Angie and just love her. Nancy even insisted on bringing Angie's laundry home every week to wash herself (with no clothes dryer, mind you). The doctor told Nancy that her loving care extended Angie's life.

Please pray for comfort and strength for Nancy as she grieves the loss of her sister.

Thank you.


  1. Oh Lee....I am so sorry. I know Nancy is a wonderful friend to sorry for the loss of her sister.

    I will include her in my prayers.

  2. Liane, I will remember Nancy in my prayers.

    What a beautiful expression of love, to take such dedicated care of her dear sister.

    I pray that the Lord will wrap her in comfort and give her peace in the knowledge that she is now in his loving care.