Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing in the New Year?

Today is New Year's Eve and I'm interested to know how you'll be celebrating the New Year. Personally, myself and the family will eating Chinese food in from our favorite restaurant (keep the chicken fingers and beef teriyaki coming!) and watching the latest Batman movie (which my son convinced me to buy because, apparently, it's "awesome").

I don't generally watch the "ball" drop on TV, because I just don't think it's the same since Dick Clark suffered his stroke, and I feel really embarrassed for the people dancing on live TV - some just shouldn't.

I do remember when we were kids, though, our mom worked 2nd shift and usually got home right after 11 pm. She'd have some cheese and crackers and maybe some cut up veggies and we were allowed to "drink" - she'd have some strawberry Boonesfarm wine - remember that, Rob? We thought we were all that. (we weren't really young - probably early teens).

We're don't drink so we'll be toasting the New Year, (if we're awake at midnight), with Sierra Mist and Pepsi.

I haven't given much time to reflect on this past year, but I know it was a blessed one. Hope all of you have a wonderful evening and are spending it with those you love.

Happy New Year!



  1. Oh it'll be a quiet evening for us and we'll be doing well to see 10! LOL!

    Enjoy a wonderful family evening and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Now we'll be sans chinese food.

  3. What happened to the Chinese food Lacey?
    The latest Batman IS GREAT...we got it last'll love it.

    I remember when Mom bought us chips and that was special....that onion dip...such a treat!

    Just could be at my house suffering through the annual Three Stooges marathon....

    I will raise my glass to you at midnight...I don't drink either...LOL.


  4. It snowed and apparently it's not worth it to risk your life for Chinese food.

  5. Happy New Year, Liane. We had a very quite night at home as well.

    Sorry about the Chinese Food. It sounded yummy!