Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Blessings of a Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I hope that this is a day of cozy conversations, sweet remembrances, beginnings of traditions, and celebrations of strong, loving relationships. This pertains not only to marrieds and dating, but to our relationships with our children, too.

My husband and I have agreed not to present gifts to one another in the name of this 'holiday' or to attempt to go out for a meal together. We enjoy each other every single day of the year. He does wonderful acts of thoughtfulness and kindness for me each day. Every morning he fetches my car from the garage and warms it up for me while I'm getting ready for work. Sometimes he makes a little snack, like a peeled orange, to bring to work. He prepares the coffee every night for the next morning because he knows I loves my coffee and I'm terrible at making it. He leaves a message on my cell phone every day encouraging me to have a wonderful day and reminding me that he loves me. These are the valentines he gives me every day of the year. And God know I don't need another box of chocolate. well maybe if it's organic dark chocolate. i'm going out later i might have to look into that.

I do try my best to be thoughtful for his sake as well. We often check in with each other with an 'Are we okay?' every couple of weeks. We're not perfect by any means. I don't believe that anyone is. But we try hard to think of each other's feelings every day and we both try to give 100% to our relationship. And hopefully, our children are seeing a happy, strong, loving marriage from their perspective.

Lord, thank you for bringing this wonderful man into my life. We've weathered many storms together and I know that you have strengthened us and bound us together with your love. May you bless Peter abundantly as he provides for his family and parents his children. Keep him safe, Lord, and may he continue to walk in your light, upon the path you have set before him.

May you all have a wonderful weekend! (it's a 3-day one for me! Wahoooo!)



  1. Liane, so sweet! My hubby does stuff like that too. We are most fortunate!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Hi Lee...Jay and I are not buying into the hoopla either...we both's just not necessary.

    As a treat..I sat and polished my rings that I wear daily from my Hubby...I didn't realize how yucky they were... now they are sparkeley and pretty like I just got them. Funny how different they look when they don't have bits of meatloaf stuck in them....LOL

    Kai got a long stemmed red rose from a BOY...yes...she did. I will post a photo tomorrow.

    Today is shopping day....

    HUGS and KISSES to everyone