Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Terry!!

Today is my sis Terry's birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Terry, Happy Birthday to you!!

Terry is my oldest sister. She is the sister I call when I need some comforting. She is one that you can look at and merely say, "You know what I mean?" and she does. She was a great sister to me while we were growing up (not that she isn't now, of course!), but I remember that she would always read to me whenever I asked. She and I used to take long walks together in this boring little town of ours. My son (my oldest child) and her youngest son are only a month apart in age and I enjoyed sharing my first experience of motherhood with her.

I am blessed to have her as my sister and I hope that she is enjoying this wonderful day that is meant just for her!

I love you!



  1. Thank you Lee! You have been a great source of comfort, wisdom, and common sense to me since we were kids and I love you very much!

  2. Well, I for one am certainly glad to have the three sisters figured out...somewhat. Wonder when Terry's starting her blog. ;>

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. Just stopped over to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day :-)