Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am finally feeling much, much better. That scratchy throat turned into a wicked sinus congestion and I think I narrowly missed a full-blown sinus infection.

So, after work today my daughter, Lacey, and I headed off to Trader Joe's for some organic shopping. It was a beautiful day to take a ride. Very sunny, but still wintry cool. I decided to take some country back roads on our way to the gas station before getting on the highway. We were driving along, listening to some music and chatting about this and that when Lace said, "Hey, did you just see that antique sewing machine for free?" "For FREE?!" I asked. She tells me to hurry and turn around just as a truck drives past us. Ugh, I hope that driver doesn't see it before we do.
I turned around and went back to this long dirt driveway and here's what was sitting there for Lacey:

It's a Viking sewing machine. It is obviously well used for however old it is. We couldn't find a date on it but it came with the original manual as well as all of this:

Buttons, needles, zippers, fasteners, ribbon, bobbin, extension cord and all kinds of do-dads.

Man, that thing is heavy! You should have seen me and my twig of a daughter trying to stuff it into the back of the mini-van.

I am so happy for Lacey. We'll be painting her room soon (yes, soon, Lace) and this will make a nice piece of furniture for her once she cleans it up a bit (the sewing machine, not her room).

And I scored some Toffifay at Job Lot. Great day all around.

I hope YOU have a wonderfully blessed weekend!



  1. Oh wow! Does it work? That's a great find. I'm thinking that my Genie is just not doing as great a job as I'd like now that I've taken to sewing. I'm hoping for a great find on Craig's List, but perhaps I need to take some back roads.

  2. We're not sure if it works yet. My husband wants to check out all of the wiring a oil any rusty looking places before we try it out.
    Instead of a foot pedal, it has a knee pedal mounted on the underside. I've never seen one like that before. So, it'll be interesting!!

  3. Great freebie! Our Lacey has a great eye for free curbside goodies! I can't wait to get the one that Mom is holding for me that belonged to Jay's Great Gram.

    I am glad you are feeling better!

  4. Hey Lee, hop over and see Carolyn at, she needs some bunny advice!

  5. Liane, what a find!! I love to find such things. I've also put out nice pieces before when I couldn't use them any longer and just wanted someone who would love them to come by and find them. It felt good! I'm so happy for Lacey!