Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thought I was gonna get away without it. . . . . . .

But, no. It started with a teeny bit of a scratchy throat on Wednesday. Post nasal drip was the likely culprit. And seeing as I have to talk to the public most of the day, my voice was quite raspy. My family thought it was funny. No change on Thursday. No congestion or anything. No redness of the throat. Just sounded a little like Lauren Hutton.

Friday I wake up and I'm still raspy with some nasally sound thrown in. Nope. I'm NOT sick!!! I won't 'claim' it!! My boss suggests I go home and get rest. Nope! I'm not sick!! (besides, since I work part-time, I only get like one sick day the entire year) After work I come home and change into some comfy jeans and cozy sweater and my fleece bathrobe. The sneezing has begun.

We had plans to go out to dinner to celebrate my hubby's birthday (which was on Wednesday) and we've invited my mother-in-law to come, too. I toss the thought around of bowing out of dinner, but I know it would mean a lot to my family if we all went together. Plus, my teenage son was planning a prank on his Grandma using a fake moustache and I wanted be there to see it.

I thought of going to dinner in my robe but decided to leave it home, instead. We ended up having a wonderful dinner at The 99, and loved each other's company. I'm glad we all went.

As soon as we got home, I got into my jams and sucked down some Nyquil. Slept like a baby, I did - with a box of tissues between our pillows.

I feel better today, but am definitely congested. I go back and forth between not being able to breathe and having my nose run like a faucet. And I have sneak-attack sneezes that periodically hit me from out of the blue. I rubbed aloe juice all over my nose, so hopefully I won't have that disgusting red-peeling kleenex nose in the next few days.

But it's grocery-shopping day. We're on our last roll of toilet paper. Can't put it off - must get my act together and venture out to Stop & Shop. 'Cause you know, when Mom's sick, the rest of the household comes to a screeching stop and suddenly there's nothing to eat except ice cream and cereal.

I was this close to getting through the winter without a cold but, it found me.

Oh well.

I hope that you all have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend.



  1. Oh Lee...I hope you feel better. I hate the are such a good Mom. Stock the shelves and then go to bed.

    It's shopping day for us too....Kai is having some friends over to watch MTVs MADE at 11...they filmed it at her school and she thinks she might be in it.

    Get Better!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Oh that's a shame... It would be nice to declare one season cold free. Do you ever go the Airborne or Zicam route at the first hint of a cold. Ducking and running...

  3. Yucky, Liane! I am so sorry you've been sick. I hope you are feeling all better soon. Nyquil is my medicine of choice too when I catch a cold... nothing else comes close.

  4. Oh dear...I'm thinking that it grabbed you and shook you all about. Hope that you are feeling better today!