Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homeschooling Books for Sale

I recently undertook the daunting task of weeding out the homeschooling books that my children are no longer using. Geoff has finished his final year of homeschooling - he just needs to take the GED exam, as our school district does not allow diplomas for homeschooled students.

I have several books, really too large a number to just drop off somewhere. They are all in excellent condition, and range in topics from English/Grammar, Math (Saxon), Health, Science, and American History.

My dilemma is that I'm not sure how to go about offering them for sale. There isn't really an organized homeschooling group in my area that I'm aware of, and since there is such a large number of them and they are in excellent condition, I'd like to recoup whatever little money I can from them. Contrary to popular belief, tax breaks are not given in any way, shape or form to homeschooling families. Actually, in past years I have spent several hundred dollars per year on curriculum; and we still have to pay the same school taxes that the rest of the residents pay.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how I may be able to sell these books or know of anyone who may be interested in buying some, please let me know.

I did look into and similar sites, but they generally do not accept Christian-based books.

Thanks for your help!



  1. I would place a detailed ad on Craigslist....and then there's Ebay.
    That's all I can think of Lee.

    I hope all is well with you. I have to have an MRI on Friday..the DR thinks my rotator cuff is indeed torn.
    I've been very under the weather lately..I'm on muscle relaxers and they give me headaches so I only take them when I need them. It's always something.

    Give kissed to all,

  2. Wonder if you could Google some homeschooling associations. My state has one and sometimes they are looking for books or used to. My daughter graduated from a Homeschool Association high school program and has an official diploma from them. Of course, she also has a college diploma now so it is moot, I suppose. I certainly wish that things would change for homeschooling families. It is a financial burden for certain, but you are turning out some of the best educated scholars in the country. There's a lot of satisfaction in that!