Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Active Weekend

I am so loving this fall weather. The leaves are just about at their colorful peak - we have an amazing yellow and orange tree in the front of our church that just about took my breath away on Sunday morning when I saw it.

We did not have much of a warm, sultry summer as usual here in New England this year. It was quite dampish and iffy for the most part. But, thanks to all of that spring and early summer rain, we are enjoying quite the colorful display of autumn now. The air is cool and breezy, and the sun sits a little lower now.

Friday night my husband and I went with some friends of ours to hear Creflo Dollar preach up in Massachusetts. It was a great opportunity to go and hear a powerful message - he preached about fear and faith. There were a lot of people there and we were fortunate to have found seats for us all. On our way home though, we experienced a flat tire (yes, in my van) on the highway. At about 10:30 at night. Now, I've never had a breakdown in a car before. Never had to call AAA (I'm a member). I will honestly say that my nerves were rattled and my knees were shaky. BUT. We were all safe. Our friend, David, who was driving the van was able to navigate our 3-wheeled van safely off the highway to a well-lit area on a dead-end street. The weather was very mild and dry. We had all of the necessary tools to put on the spare tire. Our friend, John, helped my husband jack up the van and change out the tire. Even though this event was an inconvenience, I know that the Lord was providing for us and protecting us. We all made it home safely.

Saturday, I worked in the morning and then (after a brief nap at home) went to our church to help blow up balloons in preparation of our community's Columbus Day parade on Sunday. We live in an area that is predominantly Italian and Catholic, so Columbus Day is a big deal. Our church marches in the parade to show our support and presence in the community. The theme of the parade was volunteerism and we let everyone know that New Song Assembly has a heart for giving.

Sunday after church service, about 30 members of our church body marched the 2.5 miles through town - up, down, and all around. It was a lot of fun - everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to march in a parade!!

Monday was a holiday, so as I had the day off, my daughter and I took a nice long drive to Middletown, RI. We had to cross the Narragansett Bay, which was full of sailboats and even a couple of ocean liners (!).

Needless to say, I'm a little tired today. I hope you all have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Lee...sorry to hear about your flat tire but good thing you had some MEN with you!

    I bet the ride to Middletown was awesome...I remember making that ride.....

    It is FREEZING here...right now I have my flannel pj's on and I'm wrapped in that fuzzy soft blue afghan you made for me.

    The colors here are BURSTING and they are awesome! We had school etc here in WA on Monday. Only the Gov. got to take it off . :)

    Hugs to all,

  2. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Lee...I love you too. Sorry I missed your call...I'll call you really...:)