Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn Colors .......

Today is a day off for me and I couldn't have a nicer one. It's sunny, breezy, and cool - the perfect autumn day.

I haven't spent all morning lolly-gagging about though (is that a real word at all?) - so far I've baked some mini-muffins: cranberry and walnut YUM! Then I was super efficient and made some meatballs and tossed them in the crockpot with tomato sauce for tonight's dinner. Then, I went ahead and made myself a baked apple to go with lunch. Scrumptious! My house smells so good right now. (Not that it doesn't every other day, but you know what I mean....).

All this mind you, while doing laundry too! I know, I know, my arm is killing me from patting myself on the back!

I was admiring the beauty of autumn from the kitchen window while I was cleaning up my baking mess and thought I'd share some pretty:

Don't YOU just love an autumn day? Well, now I'm off to the parlor to get some beauty!
Blessings to all for a wonderful day!


  1. You have really been a "Busy Bee".
    Those Autumn leaves are beautiful...blessings

  2. Hey are too funny!!
    It has been raining here for quite a while and the temps have dipped a lot. My geranium is still in bloom on the porch but I should probably think about bringing it in soon.

    Curt and Ellie were here last week and we had a great visit...they came at a really good time for us too.

    Give everyone a kiss for me :)

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  4. I should probably think about bringing it in soon.

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