Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parenting Skills or A Skillful Parent?

This week I'm taking a break from work to slow down and, hopefully, accomplish some put-off-too-long projects around the home. As I was working downstairs in the family room, I was thinking of where I happen to be in this life of mine.

I have two teenagers. My son is 18, and my daughter is 16. Terrific kids - couldn't ask for better. But I remember the anxiousness of having a baby and a toddler - two in diapers at the same time. The sleeplessness. The being up before the sun no matter how late I crawled into bed. The endless laundry and cleaning up of toys. And being in-tune to their health. Monitoring them when they had a cold - taking temperatures, wiping noses, administering medicine, giving baths, making sure they were eating and drinking properly. There was a LOT to know and a LOT to do. And it took me, personally, some time to gain the confidence of being a mom to these little ones.

And yesterday, I realized why I truly needed that confidence. Because, when these adorable ones were little, they looked up to me like I was the most wonderful being on the planet. No matter what I did or said, I was adored.

And then I had teenagers:

"Mom, don't make that face."
"Don't make that face when you say that."
"Don't make that face when you laugh."
"You sound funny when you laugh."
"Don't move your arms like that when you talk."
"Don't stand like that."
"Don't buy any new clothes unless I see them on you first."
"Don't talk about me to any one or tell any embarrassing stories about me to anyone."

And, of course, when I make a joke, no one laughs - but if they make a joke and I don't laugh I get - "Did you hear me? or Are you paying attention?"

My biggest fans have become my harshest critics. I blame the hormones - theirs not mine, of course.

It's okay though, I'm just biding time until they become parents and suddenly I will become the wisest mother of the world again. I can wait........It will be well worth it.

Have a blessed day!


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