Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Time to Breathe!!

Well, a new year has begun and I have been contemplating what changes or improvement I will choose to make for 2010. While I know I should be eating healthier and wanting to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables to my diet and drink more water, I did almost lose my mind and consider cutting back on my chocolate intake. There's no fooling me - I just know that ain't gonna happen - especially since my son gave me a very generous gift card to GODIVA.....

I have, however, signed up for a fitness class. It a form of exercise that is new to me that I think will be a lot of fun and an excuse to get me out of the house. My class begins in a couple of weeks and I'll tell you more about it once I get going with it (promise!).

What I have noticed about myself recently is just how much I catch myself holding my breath. At work. In the car. Doing chores around the house. So I know I've been quite tense lately - and I need to learn to B-R-E-A-T-H-E!. If I have a resolution at all, I think that's what it is. To breathe. To pay more attention to ME. I guess I need to be a little selfish. I'll give it a good try.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you the most adorable room in my house. It's my daughter Lacey's room. We re-painted it this summer and Lace has done a fabulous job with making it all her own. She loves vintage and antique as you can see:

These are some of her antique cameras. Her collection is slowly growing and includes a couple of vintage home movie cameras from the 60s.

This is a small box that held clementines from the grocery store. Lace wallpapered it with a bag she got from and old-fashioned country store and uses it to hold her earrings and bracelet.

Lace mounted a small wooden box to the wall to hold odds & ends and a mini-muffin tin from the thrift store is a catch-all for barretts and such.

One of her shelves holds classic novels and a couple of old cameras; even a pair of antique opera glasses that we found at a thrift store!

This is queen Simba on her throne. Usually she sits atop the pillow waiting for bedtime.

This is one of her best ideas yet. She made curtains from an old skirt - just separated the seams and used ribbon to tie it to a yard stick that is now a curtain rod. She made mini-terrariums yesterday that sit on the top sill.

This is just a small nook of her desk. Always neat and tidy. A place for everything and everything in its place.

So nice and cozy, not a typical teenage girl's room. I should have her decorate the rest of the house!!

Lace made the little robin's nest from the twig to a dogwood tree, an acorn cap, and painted pea seeds. She gets her artistic talent from her Aunt Bobby (you know her as Bittersweetpunkin!).

Thank you for stopping by and blessings for a wonderful day!



  1. So when is Lacey going to start blogging? My goodness! She really is a talented gal with lots of clever ideas. I think my carpenter hubby would get a kick out of the curtain rod! What a nice tribute to Robin, too. (I don't suppose that her mom is any influence over her.)

    Best wishes with all the health things...Godiva is good for you, trust me. I know what you mean about the's very interesting to be aware that way. I even have a sign in my living room reminding me to breathe. It's crazy how often I sit down and look at it and realize that I've been doing the shallow stuff.

    Nice to see a post!

  2. Hi, Vee!
    I agree that Lace is very talented - she takes amazing pictures and is SO creative....there are so many more things that she's made...!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  3. what a perfectly adorable bedroom. love the robin's
    egg nest (love bittersweet punkin, too). mostly
    enjoyed the ruler curtain rod.

    when one of my children was 6 or 7, i asked her how
    long a yard stick was. she was quiet for a second and
    then replied, "mom, the sticks in our yard are all
    different sizes." :)

  4. Well my Goodness that little Lacey is quite clever isn't she?? I think her yard stick curtain rod tops the one I made from a branch! How clever...I may have to steal that Lacey's room lo0oks beautiful and I am very impressed. I know where I am sleeping when I come to visit! HA!

    Nice to see you blogging Lee!!
    Love to all,

  5. Hi Liane,
    Sorry I haven't visited in a LONG while. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Good luck on the new fitness class:-)

    Lacey's room is amazing, I especially like the curtains on the yard stick... very creative.

    So, sorry to hear about your Abigail.


  6. no pressure, but yours was one of the first i
    chose to follow, and i visit every couple of
    days to read your posts.

    are you ok?

    i still think after having visited hundreds of
    blogs now, that any girl who is as creative
    as your daughter, must have an awesome
    blogging mom. :)


  7. Your daughter has a beautiful room! Those camera really caught my attention. I am not even sure I can call myself an amateur. I get a really good shot, rarely. I have my father's old camera when he developed pictures himself. I brought it out once to take a picture, than put it back in its case. I never thought to actually keep it out for show.

    I do have a day to day blog, not on my profile, if you wish to pop by.