Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm still here.......

Hi, all......yes, I am still around and I know that I've been very quiet lately. The truth is, I lost a lot of vim and vigor, so to speak, at the end of last year when our pooch Abby was sick and passed away. That was right before the holidays, and, there have been a lot of things going on with work.
I didn't get the greatest performance review at work. Don't get me wrong, it was considered very favorable by management, but some things were included (I'll just say held against me) that I thought were worked through and were considered "off the record". Let's just say I voiced my displeasure with the way some things were mishandled. So now I have to be very careful in how much "freedom" I have at work in voicing my opinions.

This all lead up to my prior post on how I noticed I was really more tense than I realized. I have tried to be more conscious of not letting petty annoyances, well, annoy me. So, at the urging of a great young girl that I work with, I joined a hoop class. A Hoop class? What IS that you say? Well, it's a class in which you exercise with the use of a hula hoop.

Now, it has been a good 30 years or so since I really used a hula hoop. And I was really uncomfortable using one because I was forced to use an area of my body that I like to pretend does not exist: my hips. I had the hardest time loosening up and moving my hips to keep the hoop spinning. And, when the hoop would fall to the ground, I could feel the tension in my face (at my own disappointment!). That was a very difficult first class. But, I took the hoop home and found one small spot in my house that I could practice and I got the hang of it. At my second class, I was the only student and I felt a bit more comfortable using the hoop. I learned how to walk forward and back while spinning, how to hip- spin (where the hoop sits lower on the hips), and how to hand spin (called the Halo). I then promptly and excitedly went home and practiced, practiced, practiced.

Well, I was feeling so confident and comfortable, that I wasn't stretching before I was practicing at home. And yup, you guessed it, I "tweaked" my lower back. I was in a bit of pain for about a week (thank you, ibuprofren). I also missed a couple of days of class due to inclement weather and not feeling well. But, as soon as the weather breaks for good here for spring, I plan on taking my hoop outside to exercise.

But, one good thing that came out of this little experiment of mine is that I have been eating extremely well the past month or so. I have oatmeal most mornings for breakfast and I make sure that I bring healthy snacks to work. I've been eating more salad and drinking mostly water and have permanently sworn off soda. Also, I've given up chocolate for this month, which is HUGE for me considering that the bank I am a teller at gives out mini-candy bars to our I am SURROUNDED by them!! Every time I think about eating chocolate, I pray for someone I know. And let me tell you, that is A LOT!!

Also, I find myself at a very interesting place in my life. My kids aren't little anymore. My 'baby' will be 17 next month (!). Things are changing. Not that I'm afraid of change, I just want to be mindful of it and paying attention to it.

I'm looking forward to spring. To fresh air. To being outside. To doing. To being.

Thank you, Robin, Rhonda, Lea and all of you who have been checking in. I appreciate that very much.

I hope you all will have a very blessed day.



  1. Liane, good to see your post! Kudos on all the positive changes you are working on. There have been a number of times when I've found myself just needing to "chill" as we used to say. Oh, you're going to be so fit and strong you'll be able to take on the world. Keep looking up!

  2. liane, i'm so glad you're back. you were
    one of the first blogs i followed.

    keep up the good hula-ing and express
    your true feelings to us...we will not hold
    any grudges. :)

  3. hips are too big to That class sounds FUN!!You should take belly dancing next...or maybe I should

    I don't drink soda anymore and don't miss it. Yes...the salad days are coming....when it's too hot to eat anything else.

    Love ya,