Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Saturday, April 24, 2010


an adjective meaning to give or share*. I want to thank everyone for your generous birthday wishes to Lacey; your comments are all so sweet. I want to thank you for your friendship as well, and for popping in to share in today's blog post, my 80th! And before I announce the winner of my (mysterious) give-a-way, I want to share with you Lacey's generosity.......

Lace's hair grows very fast and was recently down to her waist. Putting it up in a bun was a major feat that required 5 or 6 clips and braiding it made my arms tired......So for the third time since she was 10 or 11............

Ta-da! She had at least 10 inches of hair cut off and donated to the Locks of Love organization. Locks of Love makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to various illnesses.

Now, here is a peek at my give-a-way:
These items are all inspired by Lacey and things that she enjoys: a wooden box with vintage grape design; a wooden "Natural" sign; small bag "Faith"; bunch of 10 Tootsie Pops; floral journal with a matching floral 'suitcase'.

And, without further procrastination......the winner is...........Diva Kreszl of Diva's Musings!

Congratulations!! Please send me an e-mail (go to my profile for address) with your complete mailing address and I can send your gift out pronto!

*A very big thank you to Vee, for posting this give-a-way on the sidebar of her lovely blog....Thank you, Vee!!

Thank you so very much for visiting today - I wish you all a wonderful and blessed weekend!



  1. Oh wow! That's a beautiful giveaway, Liane. Congrats to Diva! I'm so delighted for her.

    Lacey is a darling to grow her hair and donate it to Locks of Love. She's a dollbaby.

    Off to say that the winner has been announced. I'm not ready to give up that cute sidebar button yet.

  2. Happy 80th! :)

    Ah, I miss those days of fast growing hair. This is great she donates it. I know a young lady whose hair is down near her ankles and she buns it up everyday. I have a hard enough time with my length hair.

    A lovely prize for the winner. Very pretty.

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Thank you so much!!! You can't imagine my surprise at winning, today is my birthday and this is just the nicest gift :) Your daughter's sweet beauty is surpassed only by the beauty of her heart...what a loving and kind gesture to give up her hair for such a worthy cause!

  4. Liane - what a sweet daughter you have there! My best friend's daughter, Kristen, does the same thing. She has long, thick brown hair and every few years, she whacks it off for Locks of Love. They both must have hearts of gold.

    Oh I'm sorry I missed your give-away! What nice prizes and congrats to Diva Krezl! Thanks for coming by for a visit!

  5. what a generous thing to do
    with all that lovely hair!

  6. Thats so sweet of her to donate her hair!