Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Days Just Fly By.........

Phew! I can't believe that Memorial Day weekend is upon us! It seems as though the cold dank days of January were just last week and now the tourists are coming to the beaches and people are talking about swimming and cooking out. My how time flies.....

It's been pretty busy here. We had a wonderful guest a couple of weeks ago. My son's girlfriend, Carolina, came and visited with us for about a week or so. They had so much fun together, visiting friends, going to the movies and the mall, and the most fun we had was just hanging around together here at home. She is a very sweet and funny girl - we loved having her here - her sense of humor fits right in with our family - and we look forward to her visiting us again.

I know that's a tiny picture of them, I wanted to show a really cute one they had taken at a Chuck E. Cheese, but my scanner wouldn't cooperate. Isn't she a doll?

I don't know how Geoff went from being a six-year old just yesterday to a nearly six-foot tall nearly nineteen-year old today. And I'm not sure I like feeling as though I've aged decades so suddenly.

Oh, well such is life, I guess. Just when you think things are a certain way, going in a certain pattern, they suddenly (or seemingly so) change. That's okay, I'm good with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Liane, I am totally with you on feeling like it was just January and NOW?? Where is this year running to so fast??

    Your son's girlfriend is very pretty. And I enjoyed reading more about Lacey in the previous posts. She's pretty too!


  2. oh liane, it is sooooo hard at first, but
    then becomes a blast!

    this weekend i go from empty nest to


    it's wonderful of you to enjoy the girl
    friend instead of being jealous as some
    mothers are.

  3. She is a doll and how wonderful to learn that she is just as sweet as she is pretty.

    Don't even talk to me about time flying. Not even. Ha!

  4. Hi Liane - thanks for your visit! You have such a sweet blog, and an even sweeter family! Yes, they DO make a cute couple - how do they grow up so fast! My oldest is 28 and it seems like just yesterday that he was little. It's sad, but we wouldn't have it any other way. I miss holding them in my arms! I'll be back to do some reading - you have a great week!