Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Copy That - ABCs of Me!

Sandy aka Doris the Great of Aging Disgracefully just posted the ABCs of Me....please hop on over and visit with her - she is hysterically funny! So I thought I'd give it a whirl. Here they are:

A.Age: 41

B.Bed size: Queen

C.Chore you hate: washing floors

D.Dogs Names: Abigail and Hank

E.Essential start your day item: Coffee, Coffee!

F.Favorite Color: Blue

G.Gold or Silver: Gold

H.Height: 5'7" - I'm the customer in the grocery store getting the peanut butter off the top shelf for the old ladies....

I.Instruments you play: my fingers....I know how to snap

J.Job Title: Teller

K.Kids: 2 - 1 boy/1 girl

L.Living arrangements: with hubby in small ranch house with huge yard

M.Mom's Name: Mom, silly!

N.Nicknames: Peach and Trixie

O.Overnight hospital stay other than birth: 2 weeks in a children's hospital when my daughter was very ill with Lyme Meningitis and removal of tonsils & adnoids when I was little.

P.Pet Peeve: Rudeness - just no excuse for it

Q.Quote from a movie: "Good will be better" - can't remember the movie.....

R.Right or left handed: Right

S.Siblings: 4 - 1 brother and 3 sisters

T.Time you wake up: 5:30 AM

U.Underwear: Yes :o)

V.Vegetable you dislike: Asparagus

W.What makes you run late: my husband - I am never late

X.X-rays you've had: dental

Y.Yummy food you make: Vegetable lasagne (without asparagus!)

Z.Zoo Animal: Elephant

Who else wants to play?


  1. Looks interesting! You are tall! I might've known that once, but forgot.

  2. I will play next post.....asparagus is so YUMMY!!!!! We have it almost twice a week...I buy fresh canned. :)

    Love you,

  3. well, i sure enjoyed watching you play!
    you and i are the same height!

    thanks for sharing.

  4. I know I was supposed to play but this week and part of last was kinda I'll play soon. Hopefully our last day of court is tomorrow.

    Love ya,