Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Visit to the Past

This week, my daughter and I took a little trip up to Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We got outta town Tuesday as soon as I left work and headed north. We stayed overnight and woke up Wednesday and made a bee line for Old Sturbridge Village.

Old Sturbridge Village is a replicated village, made with real historical buildings from other states, set in the 1800's. It is a beautiful and wonderfully historical place to visit. We used to go many times a year when the kids were elementary school age, and this was our first back in about five years.

The weather was absolutely perfect for our visit. Here a peek at what we enjoyed:

This is one of the walking paths through the village.

This is the kiln located just outside of the potter's shed.

You can see the supply of kindling in the background that is used to keep the kiln's fire burning......

And in the picture below, a meal is being prepared 1800's style. There are strings of apple rings hanging from the ceiling above the table and there are flies everywhere!

What a beautiful harvest! The wood box in this picture actually inspired us about 10 years ago to make a similar one for our woodstove........

Lace was quite appalled with this 'two-seater' outhouse located just nearby the one-room schoolhouse:

Everywhere we turned, we saw spectacular sights of autumn.......

I love the vibrant orange of these heirloom pumpkins........

If you live in or near New England, check out Old Sturbridge Village. The web address is Admission rates are reasonable and are good for two day passes. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your family. I am so glad we went!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh it's great to see Sturbridge again...did you take pictures of the Common? I think it's one of the prettiest in New England. We used to take school groups every few years down and often we had our teachers' staff meeting there. It was always interesting and enjoyable. No flies when I was there later in October or early November, but not much foliage left either. Thanks for the memory refresher!

  2. What a beatiful getaway. I wish I did live close enough to go I would love to see that kiln up close. But I must agree with Lacey, the two seater makes me cringe, LOL!

  3. Trips back in time are so fun. My grandparents didn't have an indoor bathroom until the 1980's they had a 2 seater, it never eeked us out we just went 2 at a time, but would be raging mad if the boy cousins went to close to the outhouse while we were in there.

  4. Hi Liane - thanks for your visit!

    Being from Texas, I didn't know about Sturbridge. But it looks like a place that I'd love to visit. My husband and I have often talked of making a trip to New England in the fall, and it's one of those things that's on the top of our list.

    This is a beautiful place. I love old places like this - you got some good pictures there, too! Thanks for sharing this with us - I'm off to visit their website for a possible future trip!

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