Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Swan and a Little Red Bug

"Certainly I'm sure," she replied. "I can remember perfectly well the springtime, years ago, when you fell in love with me and began chasing after me. What a sight you were, and what a lot of noise you made! It was in Montana, remember?"
"Of course I remember," said the cob.
"Well, the thing that attracted me most to you was your voice - your wonderful voice."
"It was?" said the cob.
"Yes. You had the finest, most powerful, most resonant
voice of any of the young male swans in the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana."
"I did?" said the cob.
"Yes, indeed. Every time I heard you say something in that deep voice of yours, I was ready to go anywhere with you."
"You were?" said the cob. He was obviously delighted with his wife's praise. It tickled his vanity and made him feel great. He had always fancied himself as having a fine voice, and now to hear it from his wife's own lips was a real thrill.

Excerpt from The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White, Har
per & Rowe Publishers

Yes, this is an excerpt from my most favorite book of all time, The Trumpet of the Swan. This is what I've chosen to begin my summer reading. I like to read this book every few years. I love this simplicity of the story - it's not just for kids, you know. From the above excerpt, the book paints a beautiful picture of a loving mother/father or wife/husband relationship. It's about a family -and I love it. If you've never read it, I hig
hly recommend that you go to your library and check it out. Read it with your kids or grandkids. I like to read it outside on a sunny day.

We've had some funny weather here in the Northeast. Every morning is full of gray fog and it's kind of iffy if the sun wants to show its-self. But when it does - GLORIOUS! Lace and I finally planted our vegetable garden on Monday. We got in - sugar snap peas; green beans; spinach; lettuce and cucumbers. We're going to get a couple o
f tomato plants this week - one grape and one for sandwiches/burgers.

Speaking of Lace - she has mastered the stick shift! (This is the 'red bug' part of today's title.) She is now happily puttering around town in her 1974 VW Superbeetle convertible!!

Lace bought it, her dad restored it and taught her how to drive it. She only needed a few lessons before she felt like she could drive it on her own. We had fun driving it around this past weekend in the hot sun

June's here.......come on Summer!!

Have a blessed day!!


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  1. Oh I bet she's having the time of her life in that VW bug! Soooo pretty. I want one!

    Yes, I love E.B. White. I prefer "Charlotte's Web" over "Trumpet of the Swan" though anything he wrote is wonderful in my book. Enjoy your rereading. Treat yourself to his essays, too.