Glimpse of Yesterday

Glimpse of Yesterday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We've had our fair share of gloomy, rainy days of late.  I'm not complaining - I love a rainy day.  I particularly love a good thunderstorm, too.  We need the rain.  It quenches the thirst of all living things.  My garden is so incredibly happy and vibrant because of the rain.  Our water tables have been hovering near drought levels and I would rather have a week of rain over a summer of brown, crunchy grass (ouch!).

And, I think, after a few days of cloudiness, doesn't the sun always seem to shine brighter?  The sky seems bluer?  The air feels cleaner?  People seem happier and more cheerful?

As I was waking this morning, a thought popped into my being.  No matter how dark the clouds or how long they linger.....the sun is ALWAYS shining:

                                                                      photo by Lacey Girardin

 Enjoy this blessed day, everyone!



  1. That's a thought that has gotten me through many a gloomy afternoon! Are you in the soup (fog) as we are this morning?

  2. The sun is trying to peek out!!